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  • MAGNESIUM is an essential mineral for staying healthy. It is the most important major mineral that is needed by your body. ☝️
  • In order to function correctly and efficiently, your body needs many nutrients. However, if it is deficient in magnesium, there are over 300 biochemical reactions that either will not occur at all or will occur very inefficiently.
  • Without magnesium your body is going to be performing at very much less than full capacity.
  • HINDI PO INIINOM! Babad sa paa or direct application sa Balat.

Benefits of Magnesium:

  • 100% - Promotes better sleep
  • 100% - Helps in relaxation and stress management
  • 100% - Increases energy levels and improve moods
  • 100% - Helps in the treatment of #cancer, #diabetes, #arthritis, #gout, #psoriasis and other #chronic illnesses

    What is the purpose of Magnesium in our body:

  • Blood Sugar Balance
  • Optimal Circulation & Blood Pressure
  • Cellular Energy production
  • A Calm Nervous System
  • Pain Relief & Relaxed Muscles
  • Bone Density & Calcium Balance
  • Joints & Ligament Flexibility
  • Deep Sleep Patterns, and More...
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    Magnesium can be used as:

    1. Deodorant

    Apply a pinch amount or dab of magnesium at the armpit.
    √ removes unwanted body odors caused by perspiration 
    √ whitens armpit

    2. Oral Care:

    Magnesium for strong teeth angle gums 
    √ if mixed with toothpaste and use to brush teeth stop gum bleeding. 
    √ It is magnesium, not calcium, that forms the kind of hard enamel that resist decay. Suplementation with magnesium would be much better method than flourides for decay prevention