Magnesium Soap

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Benefits of Magnesium:

√promotes better sleep
√ Reduces muscle pains, aches, cramping and spasms
√ Provides healthy skin and reduces outbreak of eczema
√ Help and relaxation and stress management
√ Enhanced athletic performance
√ Reduces inflammation
√ Help in the treatment of cancer, diabetes, arthritis and chronic illnesses
√ Help regulate blood pressure MAGNESIUM is the most powerful relaxation mineral... Hair & scalp care....
√ For hair fall control
√ Baldness/hair loss
√ Dandruff, gray hair...

Benefits of using magnesium on hair and scalp:

√ magnesium plays an important role in slowing down, stopping and even reserving mild to moderate age-related hair loss
√ Using magnesium with shampoo can store health to the scalp prevent dandruff and falling hair.
√ A 'dab' of magnesium with oil on the scalp will prevent graying of hair.


Footh bath:

√ for relaxation
√ anti-bacterial
√ helps remove foot odor 

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